Another Winning Travel Experience
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Another Winning Travel Experience

Our most recent Transcendance Inc. travel event took a few of our top performers to Dallas for a highly rewarding conference. Tunde, our firm’s Director of Operations, was joined by Jonathan and Alberto at this major gathering, which brought together some of our industry’s highest achievers in one place. It was an amazing chance for our promotional experts to learn and expand their networks at the same time.

We’re always thankful for the opportunity to visit new places and pick up great business advice in the process. This was certainly the case for the Dallas trip, as our attendees made the most of what the city had to offer. There’s plenty to do in the heart of Texas, after all. When you combine the many great restaurants and entertainment options with everything the conference provided, you’ve got a winning recipe for sure.

Whenever we venture away from home with our Transcendance Inc. colleagues, we’re proactive in sticking to our routines. We know how vital good sleep is, for example, so we do our best to go to bed and wake up as close to our normal schedules as possible. We’ve found that cutting back on caffeine and finding time for exercise really help when it comes to getting enough rest on the road.

There are so many benefits that come with team travel. To say up to date on all our trips, check out the Transcendance Inc. Newswire.