Our Best Tips for Impressive Interviews

Our Best Tips for Impressive Interviews

As we’ve built Team Transcendance Inc. into a top-performing unit, we’ve interviewed a broad range of talented candidates. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make lasting positive impressions in an interview setting. Here are a few strategies jobseekers can use to set themselves apart from the crowd:

• Craft an Effective Elevator Pitch: We’ve found that pitches make the best impressions when they’re concise enough to invite further questions. If we have a good idea of what someone is about right off the bat, we know where to take the interview from there. The better rehearsed a pitch is, the more impressive a potential hire will be.

• Make Good Eye Contact: Along with a memorable opening statement, it’s important for jobseekers to maintain solid eye contact throughout an interview. Leaning in slightly to answer questions while doing so makes it even more obvious that a person is engaged in the process.

• Tell a Story: When we gauge potential Transcendance Inc. hires, we listen for compelling stories of professional progress. Candidates who provide us with narratives of how they’ve improved and what they’ve achieved tend to stand out in our minds.

These are a few reliable ways for interviewees to make lasting positive impressions on hiring managers. Follow Transcendance Inc. on Twitter to learn more about how we approach the interview process.