Building Networks at Dallas Leadership Conference

Traveling to industry events is a hallmark of our Transcendance Inc. developmental approach. Recently, a few hand-selected team members joined Tunde, our company’s President, on a rewarding trip to Dallas, Texas. They attended a leadership conference that offered much career-building value.

Tunde explained, “Those who were chosen to take the trip to Dallas recently performed at a high level. The conference was the ideal way to recognize our standout performers and help them advance their growth at the same time. Our team members were able to network with leaders from all corners of our industry and listen to great keystone speeches.”

Being around so many accomplished people is quite motivating for our associates. Tunde commented, “Our team members learn so much by just discussing career paths with people from different backgrounds. Hearing what others have done to become successful provides extra inspiration for our team members to hone their own pursuits.”

Networking at big industry events offers our team members valuable sources for career advice going forward. The connections they make at conferences also lead to positive outcomes for Transcendance Inc. as a whole, as joint ventures and new additions to our portfolio can emerge from these contacts.

The benefits of the Dallas conference will resonate in our office far into the future. Check out the Transcendance Inc. Newswire to stay updated on all our excursions.