Creating a Culture That Encourages Camaraderie

Creating a Culture That Encourages Camaraderie

We have a very team-oriented office atmosphere and are focused on constant development. Tunde, Transcendance Inc.’s President, wants his associates to encourage and empower one another to always be the best versions of themselves they can imagine.

One of the actions Tunde takes to maintain this kind of environment is getting our people together outside the office for social events. Every Thursday he and other leaders host Transcendance Inc. team nights. Some of the past gatherings have included bowling and laser tag.

Not only do these help our veteran executives maintain strong bonds with their colleagues, but the newest members of our roster use these outings to meet their contemporaries and learn from them in a relaxed setting. Everyone is always willing to give some advice or lend a helping hand, in large part because we’ve all become such good friends through our shared social experiences.

Another benefit of these team nights is that we feel more engaged with each other and our projects when we head back to the workplace. In fact, work barely feels like work at all, because as soon as we walk in the door we’re greeted by all the friends with whom we were having so much fun. This, in turn, leads to a more enjoyable experience when we strive together to create amazing outreach campaigns.

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