How We Take Cues From the Sports World
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How We Take Cues From the Sports World

Our sports-minded mentality has been a big part of Transcendance Inc.’s impressive growth. We follow the lead of championship teams in a lot of ways, including how we clarify our goals right from the beginning of any big project. Just as a team wants to win it all at the end of the season, we put ambitious targets in front of us on a regular basis.

We encourage each other around our office as well. Great teams feature players who push themselves to improve every day and reach new personal bests. This is just the type of atmosphere you’ll find in the Transcendance Inc. office, where we have each other’s backs. We also celebrate our teammates’ individual wins even as we push toward larger company objectives.

Being transparent is another of the key behaviors that helps us succeed. We know exactly what each team member is responsible for on any given project. We also trust each other to keep our commitments and follow up on any promise. The trust we’ve built by working together toward ambitious aims continues to serve us well. There’s no dissension in the locker rooms of winning sports teams, which allows players to come together and fight through obstacles. The same is true of our supportive work culture.

Teamwork keeps taking us to greater heights. Follow Transcendance Inc. on Instagram to see our collaboration in action.