Leaderships Skills You Learn From Experience
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Leaderships Skills You Learn From Experience

Our Transcendance, Inc. mission is to help our people achieve their loftiest career ambitions. Through experience and our coaching program, they grow into leadership roles. Here are some lessons that aren’t readily taught in the classroom but learned on the job:

Trust Your Gut When Hiring: With our Transcendance, Inc. recruitment process, our managers actively seek individuals whom they believe are the best fits for our company’s culture. As leaders, we learn how to identify potential candidates for jobs based not only on skills, but their integrity, attitudes, and their true character. Over time, great leaders know who is a perfect fit for our firm.

Don’t Assume: Great leaders want confirmation on the facts. They ask questions to make informed decisions. In particular, this practice applies to providing our associates with information and directions. Sometimes people hear one thing but don’t quite understand instructions the same way that we convey them. Therefore, as we try in our Transcendance, Inc. training, we confirm that our associates comprehend what we’ve told them.

Flexibility Matters: As leaders, we need to be open to new ideas and listen to our people. We need to be ready to change course when necessary to avoid obstacles. When we are flexible, we expand our chances for success and meeting our goals.

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