Mid-Year Checks Help Us Achieve Major Goals
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Mid-Year Checks Help Us Achieve Major Goals

As we get ready to close out summer 2019, it’s an ideal time for a mid-year check on our Transcendance Inc. goals. Tunde, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that this is the best strategy to ensure that we finish the year with a bang. These are a few of the key things we can accomplish by evaluating our progress at this pivotal time of year:

• Weed Out Unnecessary Targets: There is such a thing as being too ambitious. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew around the Transcendance Inc. office, so finding areas in which we can edit our objectives is always a good thing. This way, we can really focus on what needs to be accomplished.

• Couse-Correct: Motivating ourselves can be as simple as reviewing a goal set in the past. We’ve all been guilty of putting targets in place at the beginning of the year and then losing steam on them. A subtle shift here and there can make all the difference when it comes to reaching a winning outcome.

• Plan for More and Less: A more/less list is a fantastic productivity tool. If we write down what we’d like to do more and what we’d like to do less, we often find a sweet spot in terms of making real progress toward ambitious aims.

We’re excited to build on what we learn through our mid-year checks. To get more of our best advice for achieving big goals, follow Transcendance Inc. on LinkedIn.