Mike and Ron’s Well-Deserved Promotions

Mike and Ron’s Well-Deserved Promotions

When members of Team Transcendance Inc. earn their way to higher levels of our organization, we’re happy to put them in the spotlight. That’s the case for Mike and Ron, who have been promoted to the assistant manager level. Tunde, our company’s Director of Operations, explained that these two standouts have applied plenty of hard work and dedication to reach this level. He’s excited to watch Mike and Ron thrive in their new roles.

Both Mike and Ron bring honesty and integrity to their everyday work. Tunde believes these are essential traits for leaders, because people need to know they can trust what frontrunners say. Following up their words with focused actions has always been the standard behaviors for Mike and Ron around the Transcendance Inc. office.

Tunde also sees confidence as a pivotal quality for any prospective leader. He explained that people will follow a person’s orders only if he or she is self-assured enough to be assertive. Mike and Ron have earned a great deal of respect throughout our workspace just by showing confidence in their abilities.

Mike and Ron also possess strong communication skills. Leaders must share clear visions with their team members, so these two new managers are ahead of the game. They’ve proven themselves as effective collaborators, which should help them quite a bit as they take on new responsibilities.

We’re happy to have Mike and Ron on our management team. Like Transcendance Inc. on Facebook for updates on promotions and all our outstanding performers.