Our Travel Program Takes Us Around the Globe

Our Travel Program Takes Us Around the Globe

Team Transcendance Inc. just came back from their first leadership event of the year! This one was held in Dallas, Texas. As always, we had a great time traveling together while meeting up with peers from around the country.

Travel is one of the perks we love most about being part of Transcendance Inc. Whether we’re cross-training in another city or flying to an exotic rest and relaxation retreat, we are connecting with our coworkers and making memories while exploring the world together. Enhanced communication and collaboration always occur after our trips, and lifelong friendships often develop as well.

Another plus of our travel program is the chance to network with the best our industry has to offer. When we meet with leaders from other markets (and even countries), we share best practices and techniques that lead to greater innovation and positive energy when we come back to our home office. Also, these professional relationships give us access to the accumulated wisdom of our entire contact list, helping us make smarter career choices.

The Dallas trip was a great success, and everyone is already preparing for our follow-up adventure. No matter where we go, it’s sure to be a learning experience that helps us expand our networks while making long-term friends. Like Transcendance Inc. on Facebook to see where our travels take us next.