Recognizing Several of Our Top Performers

Recognizing Several of Our Top Performers

We embrace chances to put our top Transcendance Inc. performers in the spotlight. This month, we actually have three to showcase. Tunde, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Juan, Jonathan, and Ana Diaz deserve praise for their successful mind-sets and going above and beyond day after day.

Tunde added that Juan, who is being promoted to the Florida territory, has incredible people skills and is always striving to improve. We’re all excited to watch Juan apply his unique talents in a new market and take Transcendance Inc. to a higher level in the process.

Jonathan is in our company spotlight for his amazing work ethic, which pushes him to expand his current skill set and inspire others to do the same. Ana Diaz is about to be promoted to a managerial role, and her team members are also primed to advance as leaders. Tunde noted that Ana sets an ideal example for everyone by finding new ways to refine her skills every day.

One thing all these high achievers have in common is a positive attitude. Tunde explained that they’re all optimistic when it comes to big challenges and capable of finding fresh solutions to tough problems that might emerge.

Our company is in good hands with people like Juan, Jonathan, and Ana leading the way. Follow Transcendance Inc. on Instagram for updates on our awesome promotional experts.