Spotlight on Ron and Keith

Spotlight on Ron and Keith

Team Transcendance Inc. is composed of some of the industry’s most talented individuals. Our people work diligently and passionately to keep our firm on the competitive edge. We want them to know their efforts are appreciated, so we publicly recognize them on a monthly basis.

Our team members have been exceling so much that we’ve decided to highlight three of them this month. Ron,and Keith are account managers who are surpassing expectations. According to Tunde, President of Transcendance Inc., “I’m impressed with all of these professionals. They quickly advanced to leadership, setting great examples on a daily basis.”

“Ron, and Keith display strong management and people skills,” Tunde continues. “They are incredibly sharp and know how to lead conversations. When I hire people, I look for go-getters who are eager to take initiative. These individuals definitely fit the criteria.”

Ron in particular has been working on building his team in order to make it to the next level of leadership. At the rates he’s going, he’ll be ready to expand the firm to new regions within six months. This is the type of grit that builds successful careers, keeps our company at the top of the industry, and extends the reach of the businesses we serve.

Recognizing our people boosts office morale and inspires everyone to continue giving their best. Check out our Transcendance Inc. Newswire for a closer look at our high performers.