Starting Hiring Push Focused on Recent Graduates

Starting Hiring Push Focused on Recent Graduates

We are excited to announce that we will be hiring for a number of positions at Transcendance Inc. In particular, we will be focused on recruiting recent college graduates. This initiative is an exciting time for us because it marks the continued growth of our organization. We are looking forward to meeting many talented young people during the coming weeks.


Through this recruitment push, we hope to find professionals with a student mentality and a strong drive to get ahead. We offer in-depth training and numerous opportunities to all our associates. So, we are most concerned with finding people who will take advantage of everything we offer and achieve both individual and team success.


Tunde, the President of Transcendance Inc, has always been a driven entrepreneur. He brings an incredible energy and focus to our office every day. We want to hire more people who share that same mind-set.


We have found that recent graduates tend to have these qualities. They are energetic, willing to learn, and driven by purpose. Young people also tend to be very good at picking up new ideas and tools. So, we are making recent graduates the primary focus of our push. Nonetheless, anyone who is interested in the opportunities and development we have to offer should apply online.


Expanding our team is sure to be a big step forward for our firm. Learn more about Transcendance Inc’s team by checking out our Newswire.