The Most Straightforward Ways to Make an Impact

The Most Straightforward Ways to Make an Impact

Charitable giving is a core component of the Transcendance Inc. culture. Through our philanthropic activities, we’ve discovered that making a difference need not be taxing in time or budget. These are the techniques we use to create impact:

” We Foster Partnerships: Instead of launching new initiatives, we support those already in action. By working with established nonprofits, we do more than just create positive change. We also network with likeminded people and enhance the reputation of Transcendance Inc.

” We Run Donation Drives: A donation drive is a simple form of giving that yields a huge impact. Whether we collect food, toys, school supplies, or clothing, we heighten morale and camaraderie within our office while assisting people in need. Knowing that local nonprofits can often use some technical input, we also offer up our outreach skills from time to time.

” We Get Buy-In: No matter how we give back, we make sure all our team members are invested. We work together to identify causes that are most meaningful to us. Then we decide as a group how we will help them. This approach ensures that every ounce of our energy and passion will be applied, and that we’ll enjoy big rewards as a result.

These strategies fuel our social impact efforts. Like Transcendance Inc. on Facebook to get more information about the good causes we support.