Strategies for Making Giving Back Part of Your Culture

Strategies for Making Giving Back Part of Your Culture

Doing the right thing is an important value in our Transcendance Inc company culture. We regularly support causes we believe in with donations and/or volunteering. This is both a valuable team-building experience and a central part of our identity. If you would like to make giving a bigger part of your company’s culture, consider these strategies:


  • Get People Involved: Giving back is even more rewarding when done as a group effort. Get team members involved in the whole process, from identifying causes to offering support. This has worked great for making philanthropy a key part of Transcendance Inc.


  • Think Local: Sometimes the best organizations to support are the ones that are closest to home. Think about how you can support your local community. Often, you will see a significant and immediate impact with local initiatives.


  • Talk About It: Sharing your philanthropic stories with others doesn’t detract from the value you are providing. It can be a powerful way to develop your company’s public image. Better yet, you may inspire others to want to give.


  • Be Responsible: There are many avenues for supporting the community beyond philanthropy. Think about how you can make more socially responsible decisions. You may be able to make your company greener or promote fair practices. There are plenty of options available.


These strategies will help you make giving back part of your team culture. Follow Transcendance Inc on Twitter to find more.