The Ideal Career Kick-Start
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The Ideal Career Kick-Start

Every year, we welcome a new group of business-minded college students and recent graduates into the Transcendance Inc. internship program. During their time with us, we help these ambitious people chart courses toward their long-term career aspirations. In simple terms, we assist our interns in creating professional bucket lists. From there, we help them carve out paths toward achieving their aims. These hoped-for milestones might include any or all of the following:

• Becoming a Subject Expert: Being a subject matter expert (or SME) is a common goal among learning-focused pros. To help our interns reach this point in the future, we remind them how important it is to learn new things every day. From their first days on the job, we make sure our interns and new hires stay up to date with market trends and emerging techniques.

• Being Your Own Boss: This is, of course, one of the most common long-term goals among professionals of any stripe. Around the Transcendance Inc. office, we’re always focused on how we can get closer to making this dream a reality. We equip our interns with the fundamental skills they need to get firmly on the path to business leadership.

• Doing Something Good Every Day: This may not seem like a typical career goal, but it’s a flexible one. It might mean developing new skills or leading a team to a big win. Either way, you’re achieving something worthwhile that can have lasting positive effects.

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