Transcendance Inc. Sets Big Goals for 2019
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Transcendance Inc. Sets Big Goals for 2019

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – As 2019 rapidly approaches, the Transcendance Inc. leadership team has been putting the final touches on some ambitious plans for the upcoming year. The Director of Operations also shared how they stick to goals.

According to Tunde, Transcendance Inc.’s Director of Operations, the last quarter of 2018 has included a healthy dose of review and reflection, from which goals for 2019, and the steps needed to achieve them, have been implemented. Tunde believes that for this team to realize even more success, they need to build on what they’ve accomplished this year.


As Tunde is quick to point out, the theme for Transcendance Inc.’s culture is growth. For the new year, he anticipates the promotional experts will continue to help their partners grow into new markets by offering the most innovative interactive campaigns in the industry. He knows that when the leading telecommunications firms they represent thrive, it means opportunity abounds for his company as well.


Among the many objectives Tunde has for 2019 is expansion into new markets. More customers are seeking top-of-the-line solutions for internet, telecommunications, and fiber optics services, and he and his team want to help capture as much of this business as possible. This means setting their sights on lucrative new branches over the coming months.


When the firm grows, so do the chances for people who have put in hard work to advance. Tunde expects to see more promotions by the end of the first quarter.


Transcendance Inc.’s Director of Operations on What It Takes to Achieve Goals


The new year starts with resolutions and within the Transcendance Inc. HQ, this means looking ahead to achieve lofty goals the team has set for themselves. Tunde suggested that the most impactful way for people to realize what they set out to do is to incorporate success habits into their daily lives.


Goals emerge from visions, he noted. When everyone is clear on what they need to do, it makes it easier to focus on attaining the core objectives necessary to see the intended results. Since desired outcomes do not happen overnight, Tunde noted that people need to have metrics to see their progress. These milestones help everyone feel as though they are moving in the right direction.


Getting to the finish line takes practice and hard work, which is why Tunde takes time to show appreciation for the accomplishments his team has made to date. Together, they celebrate wins of all sizes, knowing that the big one is just around the corner. And when they reach that, they’ll set their sights on an even bigger plan.


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