We Like Working for a Small Business – Here’s Why
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We Like Working for a Small Business – Here’s Why

May is Small Business Month, and in honor of this we’d like to list a few of the advantages we enjoy by being part of a smaller organization like Transcendence Inc.:

• Opportunity for Advancement: In a company our size, it’s easier to get noticed when we’re exceeding expectations. Plus, we can connect with our managers and team leaders on a regular basis as well and stay in the loop when it comes to advancement opportunities.

• Flexibility: We get the chance to wear many Transcendance Inc. hats during the course of our careers. Because there aren’t as many of us, we learn to be more flexible in our approaches to work, which in turn helps us be more well-rounded professionals. We each have our roles to fill, but our most important consideration is doing what it takes to help the team succeed.

• Culture of Camaraderie: Faces become familiar around our workspace very quickly, and we like it that way. Add to that our frequent team-building activities, social events, and travel opportunities, and it’s no wonder our office feels more like hanging out with friends than a place to punch a clock.

Our company is growing fast, but by considering what we enjoy about working for a small company we can keep those features, no matter how large we get. Follow Transcendance Inc. on Instagram to find out more about us.